if you are reading this, we met at the Essen SPIEL ’19 or in Kraków and I gave you my visiting card because I liked your game/games. Thank you for visiting this page.

MY ONLY COMPANY s.r.o. is a small Czech company that focuses on translating interesting board games from English into Czech language and their publishing in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

We don’t have a big budget as some major publishers, so we are focusing on games that we tested before, so we know that they are good.

Right now we are waiting for the delivery of the translated version of Heroes of Tenefyr (co-op deck-builder/dungeon crawler, BGG rating 7.5) and after that, we would like to bring another game to Czech players.

We use quality material and trustworthy and reliable manufacturers and we want to create a friendly relationship between the originator of the game/right holder (you) and the game publisher in another country (us).

Below you can see some photos of our first game plus a trailer for the Czech version.

If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact me on my personal (slavik.tom@gmail.com) or business (info@myonlycompany.cz) email. If you like the idea of bringing your game to players in another country, I will be happy to help you with that.